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                                   " LOVE AND MYSTERY"

I wrote and published a series of romance novels consisting of two books-'Love and Mystery:Love Through Art' and 'Love and Mystery:Destiny and Fame.' 

What gave me the inspiration to write my 'Love and Mystery' series of romance novels is a mystery in itself. I happened to be on a beach of a lake in northern Michigan during July, 2010. It was a wonderful, warm and sunny day. I was very relaxed and enjoyed the weather. I had a daydream of two artists who fell in love with each other. I began to see paintings and heard beautiful music. The entire story ran before my eyes. When I returned home, I began writing like I was in a trance. I wrote the book with all my heart and soul. I put a lot of my thoughts, feelings and emotions in this book, because I wanted to share my knowledge, experience and philosophical way of thinking with the world.

 I read many famous authors, traveled, was exposed to many different cultures, learned languages, enjoyed art, museums and different types of music. The paintings that I saw in museums touched me deeply. I felt the energy and ideas that the artists tried to deliver to the public. I'm quite communicative, and talked with different artists about what motivated them to create, and what ideas, feelings and emotions they were trying to express. I was interested in how they arrived at their creative moments. During my life I liked to learn and understand the diverse personalities and relationships between people. All my experiences with reading, art and music culminated in my writing inspiration.

I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who helped make my dream of publishing my 'Love and Mystery' seies come true. Particularly, my husband who edited this series and my son Vladislav for his ideas and thoughts. My sister Valeria and sister-in-law Mary Johnson for their support and all my family and friends in Eastern Europe and America. Also, I'd like to thank ASA Publishing Company who published my book and gave me exposure by giving me a TV interview which can be seen on www.asapubnews.com, as well as on YouTube at asapubnews2011.  It was posted in May, 2011. 

Nobody knows what love is or how it comes. Who knows if two halves are the right pair to make a whole. Perhaps fate plays a role in determining whether the two halves remain as one or, separate and go in different directions. Is it destiny or circumstance? People will always search for this answer, and occasionally certain people may find it. This is what happened to Nicole and Mike, the central characters of this series. If you want to find this answer, then read this series. It could help you.

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