The  'Love and Mystery' series is based on a unique idea - love through art. It is an unusual love story with the elements of fantasy and mystery. It's somewhat extraordinary and fantastic. It captures one's interest throughout the series. The books are about the love between two artists;  a young female abstractionist artist, and a young male singer/songwriter. They have a visions of each other, and their love begins in these visions. Their creative energy depends on these visions. She sees a man and hears beautiful music and songs, and he sees a woman and mesmerizing paintings. She happens to see him at a music festival, and he sees her on the television news. They are unable to meet each other for a long time. However, when they do meet in real life, they fall in love at first sight. Their innermost beings are connected with each other. It was a true and mysterious love. After that, she cannot paint without hearing him sing and watching him compose, and he cannot compose unless he watces her paint. They realize they depend on each other to create. They decide to live together and share a studio. They were in harmony and balance with their love, creativity and with the world. Over time, they met their respective families and endured some unexpected tragedies. They both shared the dream of touring together, and when that dream came true, they were catapulted into the world of the rich and famous. They married in New York City, and went to another part of the world to honeymoon. They returned to a world that was completely different than the one they left. This was their destiny. 


America has been called the land of opportunity, and New York City has been at the center of that belief. Many people migrate to this city hoping that it will change their future. People come here to make their mark in business, economics, politics, art and music. Each settles in the area of the city which caters to his or her talents and profession. Some fail, while others succeed. There are those who distinguish themselves because they have the talent to begin with and there are others whose talent is forged on a road of trial and error...learning from his or her mistakes. Their success can be in several ways - a meteoric rise to the top, or it might be achieved as the result of many failures. Some can also be born into wealth and success, while others come upon it by a stroke of sheer luck. They just might be at the right place at the right time.

However, something unexplainable can happen to a very select few. It catapults them into a world of dreams. They can enjoy the fruits of that world, but it just wasn't their intention. They just hoped and prayed for success, like all the others. For some, it can be like a nightmare, but for others, it can lead to something extraordinary.